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WARNING: The here following declaration must be read before you confirm the participation on the training.
Participation in the training course implies full understanding and acceptance of this declaration and agreement for participation.

IB TRONIC provides during training technical information intended for use only for competitions or for use on a closed circuit not open to the public.

The information (being in possession of proper SW and HW) permits to have access to the parameters for the management of the functions of the engine: the subsequent manipulation of them may make your vehicle not any longer in line with the requirements and standards of your country regarding the power, speed and emissions. Furthermore the manipulation could change the original life time of the mechanical and electrical components (usury) of the vehicle and cause the cancellation of the guarantee provided by the manufacturer / seller of the vehicle.

The information provided would enable the participant of the course and user of the know-how to alter the functioning of the vehicle, therefore, the same may have different reactions when compared to the standard conditions specified by the manufacturer. The utmost caution is therefore required for driving a vehicle that has been the subject of this action. The information provided shall be granted for the only use of competitions/sports on a closed circuit. Under no circumstances should the information be used to violate or circumvent the rules of the country of use.

The participant/user, by accepting those described in this statement – agreement to participate, declares under his full responsibility that any intervention made use of the information received during the training course will be used for competition or for use on closed circuit not open to public.

IB TRONIC will in no event be liable to the participant/user for any loss, damage, claim or expense, including any consequential or indirect or incidental damage, loss of profits, damages resulting from business interruption, injury personal or breach of duty of care, or third-party claims.

The foregoing limitations and exclusions apply to the maximum extent permitted by law in the jurisdiction of the user.

The overall responsibility of IB TRONIC under or in connection with this agreement for participation will be limited in the event of substantial or material breach of this Agreement or violation of terms of the same substantial or materials.