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Technical Assistance


It’s now available the Technical Assistance Service for all users of the SW program WinOLS!

There are two types of support are available:


Technical Assistance using WinOLS online!

This service provides an online connection lasting 1 hour.

It’s a support for the correct use ofe the SW program WinOLS and does not include suggestions for the map modification.

All WinOLS license holders can take advantage of this type of assistance.

The support is “individual” and provides information on the correct use of the program, even partially, and illustrates specific options and functions.

This technical assistance is NOT equivalent to the training and cannot replace the course!


Verification and correction of the WinOLS map-pack created by the customer!

This service provides for the control and correction of map-packs created with WinOLS.

The customer can send to our technician a map-pack created by himself, asking to “revise” the work and to apply the necessary corrections, in order to be able, subsequently to modify the single maps safely.

The service does NOT include the modification of the maps!


For futher infomation please send email to assistance@ibtronic.it (no information by phone)