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Training WinOLS®5

The proper use of the program SW “WinOLS®5″

Personal Training

This course is restricted to only license holders of the original program SW “WinOLS®5″

This course is exclusively dedicated to the proper use of the program SW.

It explains commands and logic.

Classification maps, map pack creation, duplication projects, export and other important functions

The topics related to other courses are not included

This course teaches the proper use of the program WinOLS®5




As of April 1, 2021, the new version of WinOLS5 is available, which includes many more advantages over the previous version of WinOLS4.

Some of them are:


Real 64-bit application, there will be no 32-bit version, only Win10-64


Updated interface including dark mode


SQL database for project management


Configurable search masks for naming maps with which the customer can create his own map database


Can display Float64 maps


We offer a 4 hour online training course to anyone who has already attended one of our classroom or online training courses.

To receive more information write to info@ibtronic.it