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ECU Training Standard

Logic and strategy of the function of the ECU – Diesel Engines
Personal Training

ECU Training Intensive

Logic and strategy of the function of the ECU – Diesel Engines including the use of the SW program WinOLS
Personal Training

Training Advanced

Answers to specific questions and problems you had during your practical application
Personal Training

Training Petrol

Logic and strategy of the function of the ECU – Petrol Engines (including the use of the SW program WinOLS)
Personal Training

Training WinOLS

The proper use of the program SW “WinOLS”
Personal Training

Very often one speaks about the functions of the Engine Control Unit (ECU), but the information changed in the various “forum” or “blogs” or among friends and colleagues are in the most cases very limited, unclear and sometimes even them are very muddled ideas. Who has participated on a training offered by the automotive companies, surely had make the experience that on “certain questions” as for example “which function has really the ECU ?” the answer was unclear and often evasive. This absolutely correct behaviour is founded on the fact, that the distribution of certain information, which must not be available to “everybody” , could cause eventual damage. This fact justify also the deed, that garages makes all the mechanical repairing on the ECU (sensors, actuators, cables etc.) but they don’t consider the electronic, which very often is the reason of trouble. It’s furthermore not deniable, that the actual European legislation regarding the environment etc., force the automotive industry to throttle the engine and consequently the car reacts “nervous”, slow and slack. How often it happened, that the customer comes to the garage or to the dealer with the complaint that the new car is slowly, consumes a lot of fuel and generally paradoxically is of poorer quality as the old car? Not at least, when the customer explained his problem to the mechanic or dealer very often the answer is “ don’t worry this is a special characteristic of this type of car” with the mean we can do nothing, you have to live with it…! One fact is sure: The tools which the garages have on their disposal are usually not adequate to operate inside the ECU and the technicians so cannot adjust important parameters as the torque limiter, injection, ignition, pressure, turbine and much others. That operations are done only by the authorized service centre.

The purpose of the training, during that will be supplied very interesting and never published information, to explain to the technician/mechanic how an ECU really works and which real possibilities once has to make a modification of the parameters inside the ECU. Thanks dedicated software programs and companies operating in this field, the above mentioned problems and much others could be solved or at least reduced with a new programming and optimizing of the ECU. The car, with the joy of it’s driver, becomes smooth, sprint and will consume less fuel. The aim of the training is to pilot the participant with a “drive” across a jungle of knowledge and practice applications in that way, that on the end he will be able to act absolutely independent and to make this interesting and exciting work by himself.
Now I wish you a nice training and to enrich your baggage of knowledge in order to give more image in terms of professionalism and reliability to you and your garage.